Suntex Global offers a variety of services to fit the business needs of our clients. We continuously provide the latest apparel trends, designs, and developments in fabrics, finishes, effects, trims and accessories. Our in-house merchandising team helps to provide our clients with a wide variety of services from development to shipment and spec enhancements to full production.



Our development services assist our clients in transforming ideas into production. We work together with manufacturers to develop prototype samples based on client provided ideas and specifications. We then oversee the revision process until our client has the exact prototype for production.


Sourcing & Manufacturing

Our manufacturing services assist our clients in finding reliable overseas manufacturers that are capable of producing their products to exact specifications. All the manufacturers that we work with are certified and have been inspected to determine capability, reliability, and cost.

Merchandising &
Quality Assurance

Our experienced Merchandiser & Quality Assurance teams manage our various overseas offices, with skills in pattern making, manufacturing, print, and embroidery work which ensure the delivery of high quality products.

We take pride in our success in servicing clients from retail to importers and wholesale distributors with consistent and unparalleled reputation in quality and dependability.



Our ability to manage shipping and logistics services worldwide for our clients enables us to further assist in ensuring the client products are transported securely and in a timely manner.